Sunday, 29 November 2015

My First 2 Tier Bday Cake :-)

Uffff that was so stressful!!! First time ever I was asked to prepare a two tier cake and this is the worse timing ever…I literally had no time at all to prepare it but I was crazy enough to try! And after hours and working until 4 am, the day before the delivery, I have finished…and I must say I was so extremely proud of myself that I even didn't feel how tired I was! So after "sleeping" 4 hours I got up to clean my kitchen and was waiting for the client to pick up the cake, even then I didn't feel the tiredness. The client came and loved my cake! This is the best feeling ever, when you see their astonished face saying "woooooow it's so beautiful"!! That was it!!!  The only and best expression I needed. As soon as he left I felt like all the strengths suddenly disappeared and I just couldn't move, couldn't move any single part of my body but I still needed to clean! So with the rest of the energy left I managed to clean the kitchen and then went to bed. I think as soon as I've hit the pillow I was already sleeping and dreaming about … my cake! hahahah How twisted and crazy can be a mind of a passionate baker?! 
So this time I will not post any recipe but I just couldn't help it and I had to share my pride, hope you forgive me! 
Just have a look! And tell me..aren't they adorable??? :) 

 aiiiii there is a story behind this tiger with one tooth…. The little bday boy was called by his parent "tiger" and now the little "tiger: had his first tooth…hihihi so here you go! A tiger with one tooth :-)

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